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Hi! I’m Aubrey,

I am a wedding photographer born and raised in Southern California. Offering photography services in the Temecula Valley, as well as the surrounding Inland Empire. I’m a proud wife of 8 years to my sexy fire fighter husband. And I’m also a mother to two beautiful little girls. Besides photographing my kids and family, my absolute favorite is wedding photography.

I offer a unique perspective on weddings due to the fact that members of my family were involved in many aspects of the wedding industry for nearly my entire life. My mother was a wedding coordinator for over 20 years. My parents at one point owned a wedding facility. And my mother operated her own floral company for a few years. In my lifetime wether as a flower girl, bridesmaid, bride, guest, vender, hired help, assistant photographer, or the commissioned photographer I have been apart of probably close to 300 weddings.

All things considered I think its safe to say I love weddings! I love everything about weddings, craziness and all! I’d go to a wedding everyday if I could. Crashing a wedding might have made my bucket list if I wasn’t such an extreme rule follower. So I devised a plan at a young age to combine my love for weddings with my passion for photography. From about 9th grade I’ve worked hard to make my dream of owning my own photography business a reality.

My goal in my photography business is to hold true to my core values, which are to love God, and to love others. I aspire to use my talents and abilities in the service of others. And my photographs are one of the best things I have to offer. I believe photographs are powerful. They hold the remarkable ability to recall a unique and individual story to memory. The viewer is able to relive the emotions documented within the picture every time they see it. And the most amazing and special to me is the power photographs have to preserve a legacy. Offering clients something tangible that lasts longer then the moment, the hour, or the day, that to me is the greatest joy.


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